ZINC Is Different

As a contractor, you face specific risks that need to be factored into your insurance coverage.

Without adequate protection you could find yourself stranded if a vehicle or equipment is stolen. And on top of the risks your job presents, the hidden threat of an audit could loom large.

It’s good to know that at ZINC, we do things differently. We review your policy each year to be sure that you have the exact coverage you need, avoiding an expensive audit. Our dedicated team issues certificates quickly and gives you online access via our 24/7 portal.

According to Josh Freet, our Contractor Insurance Expert, something else that sets us apart is that “we partner with premier construction markets in the industry.” Pair our team’s efficiency with their specialized knowledge and you have comprehensive protection that is readily available and always tailored to your business.

Like Josh says, “We do it the right way so there are no painful surprises.”

Ways To Save

At ZINC our specialized coverage protects every aspect of your contracting business. And the more you protect, the more you can save. That spells peace of mind all around and a reinforced safety net for those times when things don’t go to plan. Get the protection you and your employees deserve at a price that isn’t a burden. Ask us how you can use one of these methods to save:

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Multi-Policy Discounts

 General liability insurance is a must, but could leave you exposed to risk. Whether you are protecting tools, equipment, and a company truck, or need to be shielded from inadvertent mistakes or employee mishaps, using an array of specific coverages will keep you safe while reducing premiums.

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Group Discount

Is your business affiliated with a trade association, local union, or chamber of commerce? Are you a credit union customer? These and other relationships could land you a discount on your contractor insurance policy.

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Policy Parameters

 If you can shoulder some of your business’s risk yourself, then deliberately choosing a higher deductible could go far to reduce your premium. And opt for one annual premium payment – in full and on time – to potentially save even more cash.

Other available discounts could apply if you own several buildings in various locations and insure them all using the same ZINC policy. And if you have a clean slate with us, that’s worth some savings too – we’re happy to reward success. If you’re thinking that you could benefit from ZINC’s contractor insurance policies, we’d agree. Reach out to learn more – we’re always here to help.

Why Choose Zinc?

  • Best Rates in Ohio

    Partnership with a wide range of carriers means we’ll find the best price available

  • All Types Covered

    We’ll build a custom policy for your business—all types of contractors welcome

  • State Compliance

    We can help you get and stay compliant with state filings and licensing

  • Change Anytime

    You’ll never be stuck paying for a policy that isn’t right for your business

  • Certificates Fast

    We get your certificate to you quickly and accurately—immediately if needed

  • Expert Access

    You’ll always have front-of-the-line access to a familiar, reliable and specialized team

  • Josh Freet

    ZINC's Contractor Insurance Expert

    Josh Freet, ZINC's contractor insurance expert


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