• Independent And Self-Employed Contractors: Who Needs Cyber Liability Insurance?

    What happens if a shifty cyber criminal shuts you down? It depends on the protection you have stacked up against them.

  • Independent And Self-Employed Contractors: Who Needs Commercial Auto Insurance?

    If an accident happens while you’re out on the road, will you be covered for any damages or injuries that result? Sure, you have auto insurance on your personal vehicle, but if you’re using it for work, you could find yourself without adequate support, right when you need it most.

  • Independent And Self-Employed Contractors: Who Needs Errors and Omissions Insurance?

    We often hear errors and omissions (E&O) coverage associated with doctors, lawyers, and financial professionals. But they aren’t the only folks who benefit from this vital coverage. In fact, the general advice on who should carry E&O insurance is ‘anyone who provides services for a fee.’ This article looks into the why and how of the matter.

  • Independent and Self-employed Contractors: Who needs workers’ compensation insurance?

    As an independent or self-employed contractor, you never know where work might take you. Jobs vary, and you could find yourself taking gigs here, there and everywhere. The one constant should be a protective policy...

  • Why Contractors Need a Certificate of Insurance

    Since we know that insurnace isn’t just a nice-to-have, let’s see how the certificate of insurance (COI) comes in handy.

  • Damages Liability: Can an independent contractor be held liable for damages?

    Do all contractors-including independent contractors-need to carry liability insurance? Well, it really depends on whether they will be held responsible, or liable, for any damages that occur. 

  • What Businesses Need Contractors Insurance in Ohio?

    If you are a contractor in Ohio, you already know what you’re up against. Besides the normal hazards of your trade, unforeseen situations can put up roadblocks or add risks to an already complex project.

  • Who Needs Contractors Insurance?

    When you’re setting up your business or taking a yearly look at your plan and provisions, insurance will likely come up. Some things, like licensing, depend on the work you’re doing, how big your jobs are, and where you live. Other things, like protection against injury or property damage, are always important to factor in. 

  • Plan for Seasonal Construction Risks

    Climate conditions in your area will inevitably dictate a good part of many projects, from site safety to a building’s durability and longevity. Factoring in variables at the planning stage ensures that you can still take care of business should nature do her worst.

  • How to Take Advantage of Construction’s Slow Season

    Now is the time to rest, recoup, and plan for the future. Here’s how you can make the slow season a major boone for next year’s growth.

  • What Contractors Insurance Does and Doesn’t Cover

    Contractors insurance is vital, but it's only one piece of the puzzle. Your business has unique coverage needs that we're ready to help with. Find out what types of coverage you need, and how to get the best protection with Zinc Insurance for Contractors.

  • Key Tools, Technologies, & Workflows That Give Contractors an Edge in 2021

    How can a more digitized approach prepare you and your company for whatever the future might bring, both in 2021 and beyond? Read about tech solutions for a streamlined approach to work that can help minimize costs, mistakes, and improve efficiency.

  • Future-Proof Your Construction Business -- 5 Ways that Technology Impacts Your Business

    While life as we know it came to a grinding halt this past year, the world went on. And we’ve all seen massive change that seems to be here to stay. One key shift is the vast and ever-expanding use of technology, especially in sectors that didn’t previously see its full value. Company owners are now seeing the need to expand their use of technology and to value the solutions that being interconnected offers. So as you navigate your way through this new frontier, be sure to take a serious look at these five ways that technology impacts your business.

  • Beyond the Basics: A Contractor’s Guide to Comprehensive Protection

    Seeing projects through from beginning to end is hard work, but delegation is a fact of any contractor’s life. When it comes to insurance and bonding, those are definitely services you’ll need to get from the outside.
    Even when your back’s against the wall, a secure insurance policy can make a way out. With that kind of stability your company can handle what comes. Whether you’re...

  • Our Top Picks for Ohio Contractor Insurance Coverage

    Building, renovating, improving and expanding: they’re all within your wheelhouse. When it comes to fulfilling client contracts, you’re a master. But experience says the risks you face as a contractor are distinct and diverse and they all need to be accounted for.
    That’s why when you’re looking to protect your life’s work, you should be searching for the best. And because...

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