Insurance For Plumbing Contractors

Ohio’s Plumbing Contractor Insurance Experts Are Ready

Plumbing Contractors deal with a unique set of risks requiring broad coverage to ensure that both company and assets are always protected. It’s non-negotiable to find insurance experts who not only understand those needs, but can also offer competitive products with fast and reliable service.

At Zinc, agents address your specific risks and find you the ideal protection for your contracting business. We work with providers that cover every sort of insurance need, from general to specialized. Contact us to learn more.

Why Choose Zinc?

  • Best Rates in Ohio

    Partnership with a wide range of carriers means we’ll find the best price available

  • All Types Covered

    We’ll build a custom policy for your business—all types of contractors welcome

  • State Compliance

    We can help you get and stay compliant with state filings and licensing

  • Change Anytime

    You’ll never be stuck paying for a policy that isn’t right for your business

  • Certificates Fast

    We get your certificate to you quickly and accurately—immediately if needed

  • Expert Access

    You’ll always have front-of-the-line access to a familiar, reliable and specialized team

  • Josh Freet

    ZINC's Contractor Insurance Expert

    Josh Freet, ZINC's contractor insurance expert


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